Dr. Jessica Jay

Heilbronn Research Fellow, 

School of Mathematics ,

University of Bristol.

jessica.jay (at) bristol.ac.uk

About me

I am a Heilbronn Research Fellow in Probability at the University of Bristol. My main area of research is in interacting particle systems and exploring their links to other areas of maths such as combinatorics and algebra. 

I recently completed my PhD at the University of Bristol under the supervision of Dr Márton Balázs. My thesis, "Blocking Measures for Interacting Particle Systems", focuses on the blocking family of particle systems and using the stationary measures for such processes to give probabilistic proofs for combinatorial identities as well studying the behaviour of second class particles under blocking measures.

In my spare time I like to dance modern jive and enjoy a pub quiz. 

Currently, I co-organise the University of Bristol probability seminar with Elnur Emrah